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“Prayer is” Orthodox Poster Design

Less is more

One thing I love about reading works by the Church fathers is their visual language. They speak in metaphors, analogies and stories. As an artist, I have the privilege to reframe these stories and focus on some aspects more than others.

The following bit on prayer by Saint John Chrysostom is not only visual but also boasts incredible depth. Each word he likens prayer to opens up a world of reflection. That’s why I took a minimal approach in design; strip the visuals back and give each word space to speak.

“Prayer is a harbor in the storms of life, an anchor for those who are storm-tossed, the treasure of the poor, the security of the rich, the healing of the sick, the preservation of health. Prayer banishes evil things, and preserves the good.” St. John Chrysostom

Looking at these designs, I see each poster as a reflection of the concept it portrays. The overall design says prayer is always helpful. Like a handy Swiss Army Knife, prayer can be what you need it to be. It can heal, it can preserve, it can inspire tears or even stop them. Engaging with the creator is a living relationship that changes and grows with us. I look at the individual designs and I see it in a different light each time.

I also made a video for the quote which you can see at the bottom of this post (because everything is cooler in motion!), and phone wallpapers too! You can download them below, feel free to use them and share them. 🙂


GIF showing all "Prayer is" Orthodox poster designs

GIF showing all posters


Prayer series phone wallpapers

“Prayer is..” Video