Instill in your little ones humility and kindness

"Saint Antony and humble leaflet" tells the story of a group of palm leaflets in the desert. The leaflets argue which one is Saint Antony's favourite? The strongest? The greenest? The oldest? The truth surprises them! It then recounts the life of Antony, and introduces the little ones to this great Orthodox saint.
  • Teaches the virtue of humility in a whimsical engaging story.
  • Tells the story of Saint Antony the Great in a way your young ones will understand.
  • Puts Christ at he heart of growing virtues and forming bonds with the saints.

Our poor leaflet friend has nothing to brag about. What can it offer the great Abba Antony?

This fun rhyming book teaches children about humility and introduces them to Saint Antony the Great.

Perfect for Christian children ages two to seven.
Great read for Orthodox, Catholics and any Christians who venerate the saints. A great gift for your children, grandchildren and a must-have for
parish bookstores.

Questions you may have

What is "Creative Orthodox" ? Who made this book?

It's me - Michael! Creative Orthodox is an author name I use to create Christ-centered art inspired by early Christianity. I'm a Coptic Orthodox artist - born in Egypt and currently living in Canada. 

I focus on telling stories of Orthodox Christian saints from the early 2nd-5th centuries. I find that they're more universal, accessible and their stories can help a lot of present-day Christians.

Who is this book for?

My kid, your kid. My 2 year old began learning all sorts of ideas about family from daycare. 

Any Christian child who is ready to start learning about the virtues (humility & love!) and the Saints (Saint Antony the great).

How will this book help teach the concept of humility?

In this book, a group of leaflets argue amongst themselves for Saint Antony's favor. They all parade their vibrant color, length or shape. The weakest among them wonders if they should just be thankful Saint Antony chooses their tree to rest under.

After they push the poor leaflet off the branch, Saint Antony chooses it to complete a basket he's weaving. 

This book teaches humility as it showcases how the selfless leaflet that thought nothing of itself was the most special and virtuous to Saint Antony. 

Can I make a bulk purchase? Do you offer wholesale discounts?


Generally, I offer a 20% discount on 10+ books - perfect for Sunday School gifts.
I also offer 45% discount on 30+ units - perfect for parish and monastery bookstores. 

The discounts auto-apply once you reach the number of books in my online store. Reach out at michael@creativeorthodox.com if you have any questions!

What will your little ones learn from Saint Antony & the humble leaflet?
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Let the (Child's) senses receive their first impressions from sacred objects: the icon and the light of the lamp for the eyes, sacred hymns for the hearing, etc. The child as yet understands nothing of what is before his eyes, but his eye and hearing become accustomed to these objects, and they, occupying the heart beforehand, by this very fact put other objects far away.

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