A graphic novel on why Jesus went to hell

“Anastasis: The Harrowing of Hades” is a full-colour Christian graphic novel that explores what happened to the Old Testament souls in Hades, the emotional build-up to the fateful crucifixion and the consequences of Christ’s enigmatic descent into hell. You will find this book packed with Biblical references, writings from the Church fathers (Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Ephrem the Syrian and more!), and gripping storytelling. The hand-drawn illustrations pay homage to ancient Christian iconography and the resurrection narrative.
While we don’t have conclusive details on what took place over the three days Christ spent in the tomb, this book is an honest take on what might’ve transpired and what it means for us today.

Orthodox graphic novel inking and drawing process. Harrowing of hades. Writing & storyboarding / Penciling & inking / Colouring & rendering / Lettering

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What People Are Saying

I could not stop reading it. And now, even after having finished it, I cannot stop thinking about it. This book should be distributed to every Orthodox teen in America (OCF and Church School Leaders, this is a great Christmas gift idea for you to give to your kids). Godparents, parents, and all Orthodox Christians: Christmas is coming, buy and give this book. You won’t regret it. Benjamin Cabe, Conciliar Post

“An excellent introduction to the theological heritage of Holy Saturday that has been too long neglected as we rush from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.” Brad Jersak, Clarion Journal of Spirituality and Justice

“Words cannot describe the creativity and beauty of words and illustrations that tell us a story we kinda “think” we know but not really….because once you read it as depicted, you are emotionally connected somehow to our righteous fathers who were in hades waiting for a savior.” Amazon.com Reader

“Loved the art in this book! Really well written, loved the accuracy of the references combined with the imagination of the artist.” Amazon.com Reader

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“hell is a point not in space but in the soul. It is the point where God is not. (And yet God is everywhere!) If Christ truly ‘descended into hell,’ that means He descended into the depths of the absence of God. Totally, unreservedly, He identifies Himself with all of man’s anguish and alienation. He assumed it into Himself, and by assuming it He healed it. There was no other way He could heal it, except by making it His own” (Bishop Kallistos Ware, The Orthodox Way, 80).



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