Saint Cyril of Alexandria commentary on the Gospel of John

Why Did Christ Experience All Human Emotions?

Saint Cyril The feelings of Christ

I love Saint Cyril’s commentary on the Gospel of Saint John. I’ve been reading and rereading it for years and I haven’t yet scratched the surface on the depth of Saint Cyril’s reflections!

Here’s an alternate translation and the source:

Just as death was brought to naught in no other way than by the death of the Saviour, so also with regard to each of the passions of the flesh. For unless [Christ] had felt cowardice  human nature could not be freed from cowardice; unless He had experienced grief there would never have been any deliverance from grief; unless He had been troubled and alarmed no escape from these feelings could have been found. And with regard to every human experience, you will find exactly the corresponding thing in Christ. The passions of His flesh were aroused, not that they might have the upper hand as they do in us, but in order that when aroused they might be thoroughly subdued by the power of the Word dwelling in the flesh, the nature thus undergoing a change for the better.

The Commentary of Saint Cyril on the Gospel of Saint John