The Wisdom of Saint Poimen the Hermit – Pt.2

This blog is 1 year old! woohoo! The first part of the following illustration is actually my first blog post – now with 100% more colour and 50% more story! 😀

Newsflash: Abba Poimen is one of my favourite Egyptian desert fathers. Simply put, he always puts things in perspective by directing his disciples’ attention to each other.

Saint Poimen by definition means shepherd – and man was he a shepherd to his monastic community! This blessed Saint was keen to remind brothers to show each other kindness, saying “It is useful to observe three things: to fear God, to pray often, and to do good for one’s neighbour” and “Wickedness never eradicates wickedness. If someone does evil to you, do good to them, and your goodness will conquer their wickedness”.

You know what? I’ll stop talking and let you enjoy the illustration 😀

Saint Poemen the Hermit