Abba Pachomius & Theodore – We Can’t All Be Thomas!

At a point in my life I was nearing unbelief- my faith was hanging by a thread. I looked inwards to God and screamed “I WANT to believe, just show me You’re there. I just want to see You.” Nothing. At another point I was very close to the saints- one desert father in particular. Even felt his presence and movements in my life. So as any good friend would do- I wanted to meet him. I begged and pleaded- Nothing.

In contrast, there’s saint Thomas- who simply refused to believe until he was answered- and there are people living among us who regularly see and converse with the saints. One of whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

Why do the saints pick and choose? Why can’t I meet the saints when I’m close to them, and why can’t I see Christ when I’m facing doubt?

A much worthier man once asked the same questions a very long time ago. Totally- it’s not just you and I and our present day only-believe-what-you-see-mentality !!

Saint Theodore asked the great Saint Pachomius a similar question, read on and see what our blessed desert father said in reply.

(In a completely related note – today is the feast of the departure of Saint Pachomius!)

Saint Pachom Pachomius & Saint Theodore