Category: Sayings of the Desert Fathers

Saint Moses The Ethiopian & The Bag Of Sand

  If you haven't yet, be sure to grab a copy of my graphic novel "Anastasis: the Harrowing of Hades"  and if you've read it, leave a quick review on Amazon and be sure to tell your friends and parish about it! :)

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Summer 2016 Orthodox Illustrations: Part 1

Remember when I wanted to do this summary post weekly? yeah, me too. At least I tried, right? This will hopefully be where all the Orthodox illustrations live. I usually post the work to social media first, but I feel like a website is a more permanent home to finished pieces. This has been a full-fledged Orthodox summer for my…

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Weekly illustration roundup (3/4-10/4)

I realized I share more illustrations on social media that don't really get archived on the site in glorious full resolution - so I'll be doing a regular (depending on the output) post to share the drawings I've done throughout the week. Saint Theophan the Recluse on fasting To start us off, I did a muted palette illustration of Saint…

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The Wisdom of Saint Poimen the Hermit – Pt.2

This blog is 1 year old! woohoo! The first part of the following illustration is actually my first blog post - now with 100% more colour and 50% more story! :D Newsflash: Abba Poimen is one of my favourite Egyptian desert fathers. Simply put, he always puts things in perspective by directing his disciples' attention to each other. Saint Poimen…

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Saint John the little visiting Saint Paesia

The Harlot & the Saint – St. Paesia & St. John the Short

Bear with me for a minute, you're no longer you. You're a saint - no, seriously, you are. You're a monk living in the fourth century in the desert of Scetis. By this time you're a father of many younger monks and you're not only responsible to lead them to salvation - you're also responsible for your own life of…

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