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Saint John the little visiting Saint Paesia

The Harlot & the Saint – St. Paesia & St. John the Short

Bear with me for a minute, you're no longer you. You're a saint - no, seriously, you are. You're a monk living in the fourth century in the desert of Scetis. By this time you're a father of many younger monks and you're not only responsible to lead them to salvation - you're also responsible for your own life of…

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Saint John the Short on Humility

A quick illustration I did to two quotes by Abba John & typography by my fiance (God knows I can't write that neatly). These quotes are from the book "Workshop of virtue".

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Saint John the Little on Perfection

I really love this quote by Saint John the Short as it really simplifies the otherwise seemingly humongous task of leading a virtuous life. It does not mean that we have to be perfect in every aspect of the word, but we ought to simply toil to acquire a little bit of each. I urge you to read it, read…

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Saint John the Short; A Graphic Novel

It's been about a year and a few months since I decided to start a graphic novel revolving around the life of Saint John the Short. I'm going to begin blogging the¬†creation process. A question I want to answer for myself and for anyone who will read the story is "why". Why Saint John the Short? Why a graphic novel?…

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