Anastasis The Harrowing of Hades Graphic Novel

A graphic novel on Christ's descent
to Hades.

Anastasis is an exciting graphic novel on Christ's descent to Hades
and victory over death. Buy your copy today!

Anastasis: The Harrowing of Hades” is a full-colour Christian graphic novel that explores what happened to the Old Testament souls in Hades, the emotional build-up to the fateful crucifixion and the consequences of Christ’s enigmatic descent into hell. You will find this book packed with Biblical references, writings of the Church fathers (Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Ephrem the Syrian and more!), and gripping storytelling. The hand-drawn illustrations pay homage to the resurrection narrative and ancient Christian iconography.
While we don’t have conclusive details on what took place over the three days Christ spent in the tomb, this book is an honest take on what might’ve transpired and what it means for us today.

Harrowing of Hades Graphic Novel Cover Art

About the book

Learn about the enigmatic Church tradition of Christ's descent to Hades and His victory over death. 

  • 54 pages of full-colour, hand-drawn illustrations.
  • Perfect for young adults, Orthodox youth, book study  groups, Sunday School gifts and lenten reading.
  • Sayings and teachings of the Church fathers seamlessly woven throughout the dialogue.
Harrowing of hades painting process

Writing & storyboarding / Penciling & inking / Colouring & rendering / Lettering

What people are saying

The story of the Harrowing of Hades is so powerful, and so necessary to understanding the meaning and import of the Resurrection, and yet it has been lost to so many modern Christians. This graphic novel is a wonderful means of bringing us back to a deeper awareness of the meaning of salvation, and how great our God truly is.

Elissa Bjeletich Anastasis Review

Elissa Bjeletich

Author of "Blueprints for the Little Church: Creating an Orthodox Home"

I wish I had this book back during Great Lent so we could remind our children of what it means when we sing that Christ has trampled down death by death. For that matter, I wish we would have had it when my father died of cancer after a terrifyingly fast battle. I did not have it then but I do I have it now and we will regularly read it so that my children will not forget that death is destroyed, the curse annulled, and Adam and Eve set free.

Melissa Naasko Anastasis review

Melissa Naasko

Author of "Fasting as a Family"

I could not stop reading it. And now, even after having finished it, I cannot stop thinking about it. This book should be distributed to every Orthodox teen in America (OCF and Church School Leaders, this is a great Christmas gift idea for you to give to your kids). Godparents, parents, and all Orthodox Christians: Christmas is coming, buy and give this book. You won’t regret it.

Anastasis Review Ben Cabe

Benjamin Cabe 

A Concilliar Post writer

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