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The Harrowing of Hades

Can Orthodox Iconography Make Friends With Comic Art?

A 1000 words Being an artist gives you a voice; a loud voice. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a graphic novel is a 10-hour talk! That's scary. Even talking for 30 minutes in Sunday school about Christ terrifies me, because I can very well, in ignorance, mislead the kids. The topic of teaching/preaching goes beyond my question. What I'm…

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Christ the Pantocrator Orthodox Icon

Why I Struggled Painting My First Orthodox Icon

Icons vs illustrations If I ever talk to you about the art I create for Creative Orthodox, I'd always start with "the illustrations I do aren't icons". I sometimes go the extra mile to skip halos to really get the point across. This difference is always present in my mind as I draw knowing that I'm both untrained and that the result…

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Don’t Adorn Church And Ignore The Poor: The Powerful Words of St. John Chrysostom

I read this homily by St. John Chrysostom on Christ's words in Matthew 25 a few weeks back, and it's stayed with since then. It hit me hard since our local parish just finished building a new church. We're finding ourselves making decisions on what to buy and how "lavish" or nice should we go, so this piece by St.…

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Inking David for "The Harrowing of Hell"

Why You Should Care About Hell

The shallowing of hell  Do you ever watch an evenly matched soccer game, and after a grueling draw, you wait until the penalties, but then switch the channel? No? That's what my experience of Christ's descent into hades feels like. The Church builds up the tale bit by bit. Every lenten Sunday, we uncover little bits and pieces about the…

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The Orthodox Christian Beard Cheat Sheet

Earlier this week, I had my Creative Orthodox hard drive crash on me. I lost a lot of illustration and animation files, a lot! More importantly, I was set back a few months worth of work on Saint John the Short's Graphic Novel, which is okay! Now, as I slowly rebuild my files again, I'll most likely draw less complicated…

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