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Harrowing of Hades Graphic Novel Cover Art

The Harrowing Of Hades Cover Art: A Journey To Hell And Back

Now that the Anastasis: The Harrowing of Hades graphic novel is published, I figured I'd shed a bit more light on the making of process. :) The cover for Anastasis was, as simple as it looks, quite hard to conceptualize. When I was about halfway through illustrating the book, I wrote down a few goals the cover has to meet.…

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Christ the Pantocrator Orthodox Icon

Why I Struggled Painting My First Orthodox Icon

Icons vs illustrations If I ever talk to you about the art I create for Creative Orthodox, I'd always start with "the illustrations I do aren't icons". I sometimes go the extra mile to skip halos to really get the point across. This difference is always present in my mind as I draw knowing that I'm both untrained and that the result…

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