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Orthodox prayer posters

“Prayer is” Orthodox Poster Design

Less is more One thing I love about reading works by the Church fathers is their visual language. They speak in metaphors, analogies and stories. As an artist, I have the privilege to reframe these stories and focus on some aspects more than others. The following bit on prayer by Saint John Chrysostom is not only visual but also boasts incredible depth.…

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Summer 2016 Orthodox Illustrations: Part 1

Remember when I wanted to do this summary post weekly? yeah, me too. At least I tried, right? This will hopefully be where all the Orthodox illustrations live. I usually post the work to social media first, but I feel like a website is a more permanent home to finished pieces. This has been a full-fledged Orthodox summer for my…

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Orthodox Prayer logo

Prayer & the absence of God

+ Christ is risen! Ok - listen. I don't hate reading. On the contrary, I enjoy it - I just get easily distracted. That's not to say I never finished a whole book either - I totally have. Like...once or twice. I think. One book that I couldn't put down, though, is "Beginning to pray" by Met. Anthony Bloom. It's an easy…

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