Saint Irene

Princess Irene stood at the east tower of her mansion looking out as an autumn breeze crept in, causing the torch behind her to flicker erratically. These were winds of change. Her teacher, who was a Christian, was standing right behind her. He was hesitant to tell her what her vision meant; a dove with an olive leaf, an eagle with a crown, and a raven with a serpent. Even so, the spirit had moved in him, he had to tell her.
Irene (“Peace” in greek) was young, beautiful, and royally spoiled. Her father, King Lucianus, built her a fortified mansion to shelter her from the world. She had ten maids, countless guards, statues to worship and a wise old teacher. The little princess saw in a vision a dove with an olive leaf in its beak, an eagle carrying a crown, and a raven with a serpent – each bird coming in and dropping their cargo on a table.
Confused, she asked her teacher. Being christian, her wise instructor was enlightened in Spirit and explained to her that the dove is the teaching of the Gospel, the olive leaf is baptism. The eagle is victory over death and the crown is the glory of the saints. The raven is her father king Lucianus, and the serpent is prosecution. He told her she will become Christian and will face prosecution from her own father.
Saint Irene endured many awful tortures before she was beheaded. Her own father tried killing her, but died in the process – and the righteous saint raised him up! Her prayers be with us all amen.


Saint Irene Orthodox Illustration