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Quick note: This page is a work in progress, and I'll be updating it with all the Saints images and descriptions very soon. Thank you so much for bearing with me!


God loves us so much, that he made us just like Him. That's why every day, we try and be less angry, sad and only think of ourselves, and more loving, joyful and think more of others. The saints did so as well!

The Theotokos & Christ illustration

Saint Mary

Saint Mary is the mother of God. That's why in this picture, she's sitting on a throne! 

Saint Antony the Great

Saint Antony was a great monk from Egypt. Monks are people who decide to leave their cities and homes and live in the desert - where there is no one else but God! They live their lives talking to God. In this picture, a younger Saint Antony is praying to God while evil demons try to distract him and stop him. Some came as bears, scorpions and foxes to scare him from prayer. Instead of being scared, Saint Antony prayed to God for protection and so the demons didn't scare him at all! 

Saint Arsenius

Saint Arsenius was another great monk. He used to be a teacher before that! In this picture, Saint Arsenius is sitting quietly in the desert. He knew that if he's talking and talking and talking all the time, he wouldn't be able to focus on prayer or listen to God! 

Saint Athanasius

Saint Athanasius lived in a place called Alexandria. Some people said wrong things about what Christ is like, and tried to spread that wrong teaching in the church. Saint Athanasius made sure to say what's right and stand up to them. 

Saint Basil the great

Saint basil was a bishop of a place called Caesarea. He learned a lot about Christ from his sister Saint Macrina and his brother Saint Gregory. He was a talented writer, as he wrote parts of the liturgy we pray today! And also instructed monks and inspired many to live in monasteries.

Saints cosmas and damian

Saints Cosmas and Damian were two twin brothers. They were both doctors who love to serve and care for others. They healed and treated everyone for nothing in return, and used this as a service to bring others to Christ. They were captured and killed as brave martyrs for the sake of Christ. 

Saint ephrem the syrian

Saint Ephrem the Syrian was a great poet and writer. He wrote many hymns and songs of praise that teach us a lot about Christ.

saint evagrius 

Evagrius was a monk in the Egyptian desert. He was great at thinking about Christ and writing about it. His writings helped many monks understand how we can work to be more like Christ. He wrote on topics like prayer and fasting, Actually, he was a friend of Saint Basil, who we colored a few pages back! 

Saint george

Saint George was a soldier in the Roman army. He was proud of being Christian and spoke of it bravely. The ruler captured him and tortured him in many painful ways to force him to leave Christianity. Saint George stood his ground and instead asked Christ for help and strength. Many believed after hearing of the tortures saint George had to bear.

Saint isaac the syrian

Saint Isaac the Syrian was a humble and spiritual monk who lived a long time ago. He wrote beautiful prayers and teachings about God's love and mercy. He loved everyone and sought to never judge them.

Saint John Chrysostom

Saint John Chrysostom was a great speaker and preacher . He taught people about God's word and the importance of helping others. Chrysostom in greek means golden-mouthed. We called him that because his sermons and writings were so lovely to hear! 

Saint john the short

Saint John the Short was a monk who lived in the Scetis desert in Egypt. He loved his spiritual guide and father Amoi. When his Abba Amoi asked him to water a dry stick, he did it obediently for 3 years. The stick grew into a beautiful tree. Saint John is known for this obedience. He was also a guide for Abba Arsenius and Saint Pishoy/Paisios' roommate! 

Saint joseph

Saint Joseph was a loving and caring man who lived a long time ago. He was Jesus Christ's caretaker and took good care of him and his mother, Saint Mary.

Saint kyrillos

Pope Kyrillos/Cyril was the 116th Pope of the Coptic Church. He was known for his frequent prayer, and for going to liturgy at church every single day of his life! When any problem or hard thing came his way, he prayed to God for help. He still helps believers today and works many miracles and wonders for those who ask for his help. 

Saint luke the apostle

Saint Luke was one of the apostles of Jesus and the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible. He was also a physician and traveled with Saint Paul on his missionary journeys. We believe in tradition that Saint Luke is also the first iconographer - drawing the very first icon of Saint Mary the Mother of God!

saint marina the monk

Saint Marina really wanted to be a nun, but only had a monastery for men around where she lived. She was very determined to give her life to Christ and live as a monk. Seeing this, her dad took her to a monastery and she pretended to be a man to live among the monks in prayer. One day, a woman said the monk Marina made a mistake and had a child with her. Even though Marina was secretly a woman and was impossible for her to be the child's mother, she took the child in and raised him as her own. After she passed away, everyone realized their mistake and glorified Marina's patience, love and humility!

saint mary the egyptian

Saint Mary the Egyptian was a very repentant and humble woman who lived a long time ago. She changed her life and turned to God, becoming a great example of forgiveness and transformation.

saint maurice

Saint Maurice was a brave and loyal soldier who lived a long time ago. He stayed true to his Christian faith, even when facing challenges, and is known for his courage and devotion to God. He lead a faithful group of soldier in the Roman army called the "Theban Legion". He and his soldiers were martyred for refusing to worship Roman gods instead of their Christian faith.

Saint Mena

Saint Menas/Mina/Mena was an Egyptian soldier and martyr in the 3rd century. He was a high ranking general in the Roman army. After that, he became a monk in the desert. Menas loved Christ very much so he bravely went to the ruler and told him that he believes in Christ, and so he was martyred for his belief. When his holy body was being moved on a camel, the camel suddenly stopped on the journey, they moved it to another camel who also stopped in the same exact spot. That's how they knew this is where God wanted Saint Menas' body to be buried. 

Saint Morwenna

Saint Morwenna is a sixth century Celtic Saint. She built a Church on top of a hill overlooking the ocean - with her own hands!

Saint Moses the strong

Saint Moses lead a life of sin, and did many bad things like stealing and hurting others. He entirely changed his life around and became a monk. His spiritual father Isidore helped him fill his life with prayer, service and love for others. Saint Moses fought very hard to become a good Christian and build virtue, and is a very strong helper for us today. 

Saint Nofer

Saint Nofer, also known as Saint Onuphrius, was a hermit who lived in the Egyptian desert in the 4th century. He lived a life of solitude and prayer.. He was alone in the desert for so long, his hair grew to cover his whole body!

Saint Pachom

Saint Pachom was a wise and organized person who lived a long time ago. He started a community of monks who lived together and followed a schedule of prayer and work.

Saint Peter the seal of the martyrs

Saint Peter was a martyr and bishop of Alexandria in the 4th century. He suffered torture and martyrdom for refusing to renounce his Christian faith.

Saint Philopater mercurius

Saint Philopater, also known as Saint Mercury, was a martyr in the 3rd century. He was a soldier who refused to worship Roman gods and was killed for his faith.

Saint Pishoy

Can you imagine washing Christ's feet? What about carrying Christ up a mountain? Talking to Him face-to-face? Saint Pishoy, also known as Paisios or Beshoy, did just that. He shared a cell in the desert with his friend Saint John the Short. Abba Pishoy and Abba John both build great communities of monks and lead them by example. Saint Pishoy particularly loved prayer and is known to have tied his hair up during prayer so when he dozes off he feels it tighten and wake up to continue!

Saint Poemen

Saint Poemen was a wise and gentle person who lived a long time ago. He gave helpful advice to others about living a good and spiritual life.

Saint Sarah

Saint Sarah, also known as Saint Sara the Egyptian, was a loving and caring woman who lived a long time ago. She was known for her kindness and devotion to God.

Saint Seraphim of sarov

Saint Seraphim was a holy and prayerful person who lived a long time ago. He spent much of his life in prayer and helping others.

Saint Sophia & her daughters faith, hope and love

Saint Sophia and her daughters were early Christian martyrs in the 2nd century. They were known for their courage and refusal to give up their faith, even in the face of persecution.

Saint Stephen the first martyr

Saint Stephen was one of the first deacons in the early Christian Church. He was stoned to death for preaching about Jesus, becoming the first Christian martyr.

Saint Tekla haymanout

Saint Tekla was a kind and compassionate person who lived a long time ago. He cared for the poor and sick and showed God's love through his actions.

Saint Theodora

Saint Theodora was a loving and caring person who lived a long time ago. She helped those in need and showed kindness to everyone she met.

Saint Verena

Saint Verena was a gentle and caring nurse who travelled with the Theban Legion. She was Saint Maurice's cousin. She helped many soldiers and gently cared for many others on her journeys back to health.