Get to know Abba John the short and discover deeper spirituality in the wisdom of the Egyptian desert fathers. 

  • Storytelling based on the Coptic life of Abba John the Short, with illustrations inspired by ancient coptic art. 
  • Discover the lives of the Egyptian desert fathers in 184 captivating pages of hand-drawn black and white illustrations, featuring Abba Antony, Macarius, Pishoy and more!
  • Perfect for Christians of all ages, lenten reading, book study groups, monastery trips, & Sunday School gifts.
Saint John the Little Story
 “A Forest in the Desert” is a graphic novel that follows the journey of a humble disciple turned monastic father.

Saint John the Short is a 4th century Christian saint who, inspired by the great monastic saints Macarius and Antony, travels to the desert of Scetis to become a monk. When the harsh teacher Amoi accepts him as a disciple, John learns humility, faith and obedience and grows from an unwitting novice to the father of many monks and a great saint of his generation.

Based on a 6th century manuscript, “A Forest in the desert” brings the world of early Christian fathers to life in expressive pen and ink. The illustrations read like ancient iconography with the familiarity of a modern graphic novel. Christians seeking truth in desert wisdom will find a virtuous example in the ever-relevant life of Saint John the short.

St. John the Little Book